Evaluation of Kinavet (masitinib mesylate) for non-resectable grade II and III mast cell tumors in dogs.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Dogs weighing more than 6.9kgs diagnosed with a non-resectable mast cell tumore measuring >1cm in the longest diameter. No steroids allowed within 2 weeks, and no vaccinations-within 3 weeks of the screening visit. 

Exclusion Criteria: 

1.Pre-treatment with chemotherapy or radiation
2. Tumor recurrence after surgery
3. Dogs with history of protein losing-enteropathy
4. Dogs with history of renal disease with proteinuria
or protein-losing nephropathy
5. Dogs with concomitant serious disease (life
expectancy < 3 months)

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information: Dr. Olya Smrkovski, DACVIM (Oncology) e-mail: opuretsk@utk.edu Phone: 865-974-8387 Gina Galyon, LATG, LVMT e-mail: ggalyon@utk.edu Phone: 865-974-8387 Fax: 865-974-5213
Location of Trial: 
University of Tennessee

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